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We are a UK registered company with our head office located in London. Since 2007 we have been providing a wide range of services to our clients.

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About us

About us

Professional service with a personal touch

We are a UK registered company with our head office located in London. Since 2007 we have been providing a wide range of services to our clients.We aim to expand to other relevant ones as per the market demand and as our expertise develops. Customer satisfaction is our main priority. To conduct remittance operations, we are registered and regulated by HMRC and FCA UK. We have been provided a licence for money transfer from the UK. We are guided by our own written compliance policy which is based on the “EU payment service regulations” published in 2017. In some cases, we may use a shared network that involves third party companies and in those cases we have to abide by their compliance requirement as well. Our aim is to provide a fast, reliable and secure way of payment. Our management team have more than 15 years experience in this field. 


The remitted money will typically be available for collection within 10 minutes, however, additional factors may affect this time such as: the destination country, the payout type and additional compliance requirements (please be aware this list is non-exhaustive). However, should any problems arise, we have an excellent team that pride themselves on quality customer service and will be ready to fix any issues such as: name amendments, destination amendments and payment problems. On top of the superior customer service we provide, we also have a lucrative exchange rate, an easy to use and reliable payment method as well as minimal service fees. We are always open to suggestions and feedback and customers can send any feedback by clicking "contact us"

What our clients Say?

What Our clients Say?

Ganesh Gurung

Ganesh Gurung

Excellent Service.

Shyam thapa

Shyam thapa

Rate is very good !

How to send money?

How to send money?



Remittance” is another word for a money transfer.

These are usually sent between friends and family in different countries, for personal use. That can include paying household bills, healthcare, education and general living costs.  Sometimes people send money to themselves if they have a mobile phone or bank account overseas.


IME is an online service that allows you to send money abroad from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Money can be sent to bank accounts for account deposit   and  cash pickup.


The internet has improved our lives in many ways.  We all know how quick and easy it is to send an email or to buy something from an online store. IME is doing the same thing for money transfers.  Our online service is simple to use, low cost, fast and secure. You can send money from a smartphone, tablet or computer anytime, day or night. Money can be sent to bank accounts, for cash pickup.

IME is committed to keeping our customers and their money safe and secure

IME does not accept cash as a means of paying for your money transfer.  As an online business, it would be very difficult for you to physically get the money to us. Also, for security reasons, it is important to know where money is coming from before it is sent abroad.  It is much harder to do this with cash. We do, however, offer cash collection to recipients in many countries through our trusted partners.

Sending money through  IME is extremely safe.

Firstly we make sure that our website and Apps are secure.  We use certified technology from Norton that ensures your computer or smartphone will only communicate with  IME once the connection to our system has been authenticated.
All of the partner companies we use to process payments must comply with strict security and data protection standards.
Sending money using a website or App is also safer than carrying large amounts of cash to a money transfer agent, which many people still do.

We understand it is important that you know what happens to your money after you click send.
Both you and your recipient will receive a notification by email/SMS to let you know that the payment has been sent. You will both receive a second notification when the transfer arrives at its destination. If you want to ask anything about the progress of your transfer, please contact  IME customer service on info@

There are a lot of unpleasant but clever criminals in the world.  You may be familiar with some of the scams they run – asking for money up-front in return for a big payout later, or demanding payment to fix an imaginary problem with your computer. These criminals sometimes try to get their victims to pay them through services like  IME.

We have a team of experts who are trained to spot these sort of things and block them, but the best advice is not to send money to anyone you don’t know – however believable their story seems.
If you think you may be the victim of an online scam, contact your local police service.  Many national forces have special internet crime units.

You can choose a destination country by ing to  https://www.imelondon and selecting the “Send To” drop-down menu, or by logging in to the  IME mobile app.
The available receiving options (e.g. bank deposit or cash pickup) vary depending on the country you are sending from and the destination you are sending to. We want to offer everyone as many options as possible and we are adding more send and receive countries all the time.

IME offers money transfer to some of the  countries.  We are adding more . If you don’t see the country you want to send  , sign-up to  IME and you will receive an email notification when we add new destinations.

IME offers money transfers from UK.  We are adding more all the time. If you don’t see the country you want now, sign-up for  IME and you will receive an email notification when we add new destinations.

Note: the transfer options available will depend on the country you are sending from and the country where your recipient lives.

To check the limit for your particular transfer, simply enter how much you would like to send into the “Send To” calculator.  It will tell you if you exceed the maximum.

It is important that we are able to keep the  IME service safe for all of our customers.  By asking for official identification, we are able to verify that people sending money are who they say they are.  We are also required by law to carry out these checks.

You may be contacted by a member of the  IME Customer Care team asking you to provide a copy of your official identification.  In most circumstances these can be uploaded directly to us within minutes.

Many transfers sent using  IME arrive instantly.  Some can take longer, depending on how the money is being received.

You will see transfer times for your chosen country and receiving method before you make a payment.

Broadly, the following timings apply:

Bank deposit:                 Instant transfers available to selected banks. Others vary depending on bank and country.

Cash pick-up:                  Available for collection instantly

Important: Your transfer will not start until  IME has received payment.  E.g. if your payment card is not authorised immediately, the transfer will be delayed slightly.

When transferring money to a foreign bank account, you will be asked to enter certain numbers to ensure the money reaches your recipient.  You should get these numbers from the person you are sending to.

It is vitally important that you enter these numbers correctly and double-check them before sending money.

To complete the transfer we will normally need the recipient’s bank name and account number.  For other countries you may be asked for one of the following:


The International Bank Account Number is used in many countries around the world.

Contained within the IBAN is information about the receiving country, bank, branch and account number.

The IBAN is up to 34 characters long and includes numbers and letters.


The Bank Identifier Code (sometimes called SWIFT) is used in many countries around the world.

It contains information about the receiving country, bank and branch.

The BIC/SWIFT is either 8 or 11 digits long and includes numbers and letters.

We use the recipient’s mobile number and email address to send them notifications about the progress of their transfer. Both the sender and recipient will be notified when the transfer is sent and gain when it is received.
Note: You must supply a mobile phone number for the recipient.  Email address is optional.

Money sent via  IME can be received in the following ways:

Bank deposit: money is credited to the recipient’s bank account.

Cash pickup: cash is available for collection from local agent locations.

How your recipient gets their money is decided by the sender who chooses from the available options on the  IME website or mobile app.
We suggest that senders and recipients agree on one of these options beforehand.

IME offers a range of ways for people to receive their money transfer.  However, the availability of these varies depending on both the sender and recipient’s country

IME does not accept cash as a means of paying for your money transfer.
As an online business, it would be very difficult for you to physically get the money to us. Also, for security reasons, it is important to know where money is coming from before it is sent abroad. It is much harder to do this with cash.

Debit card only
We accept debit card only  , if you make the payment  by credit card we reserve the right to charge you 3% of the total amount.

.IME accepts Visa, Mastercard and Maestro.  When paying with a credit card you may be charged a cash advance fee so please check with your card provider.

If we need to verify your identity we can accept the following:

  • Current signed passport
  • Current EU driver’s licence
  • Current EU Residence permit

To upload your photo ID now, click here

Every customer needs to have their identity verified at some stage when using  IME. Part of this process involves photo ID verification.

To upload your photo ID now, click here

a)  If you are providing photo ID, it needs to include the following:

  1. Your photograph

  2. Your full name

  3. Your date of birth

  4. The expiry date (the documents MUST NOT be expired)

  5. The two lines of letters and numbers at the bottom of the document (The MRZ)

b)     We may at some stage need further documentation from you after initial verification. If this is the case we will contact you by email to advise you.

c)     Please send a high quality image. If the image is unclear we may ask for another copy.

d)     We need to see the full document including all four corners. If we cannot see the full document we may ask for another copy.

You can contact on following address!

IME London
Pentax  House , South hill Avenue 

South Harrow, London   HA2 0DU

Tel 02088660307/ 07984713677

You’ve probably come across 3D secure authentication before if you’ve ever paid for something online.

It works so that when a customer is ready to pay for something online, they are redirected to their debit or credit card provider’s 3D secure page on their website.

On their providers website, they’ll either be asked for a password (which they’ll have set up already with their bank) or will need to enter an authentication code (which will be automatically sent to their confirmed mobile phone number).

After they’ve provided the correct details, the payment will be approved by the card provider and they’ll be directed back to your website.

This will all be done really quickly and once back on your site, the customer will receive confirmation that the payment has been successful.



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Closing Notice During Dashai Festival

Due to Hindus great  festival  Vijaya Dashami  2077  Our office is close  for  25- 27 October 2020  if you have any urgent please email us on

Thank you

27 Aug 2020

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 Saturday & Sunday  10 am   to 5 pm
Note :- For online transaction   we are open   24 hours a day 7 days a week by visiting


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Our Terms and Conditions have been updated please check the new Terms and Conditions please click here to view them.

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Dear Customer

Due to Corana Virus  ( COVID-19)  we are working from home,  we have limited access  but we are trying to provide you full support and best customer service, our telephone  connection is sometimes disrupted .If you face any connection problem with our landline number you can always email us on ( or call us on viber or face book our viber number is 07984713677 facebook

You can transfer the money  24 hours  by visiting

Stay  Safe !!

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Contact Us

Contact Us



IME is the trading name of Subhida UK Ltd
Company Registration No: 6432399
FCA Registration No: 576127
HMRC Registration No : XYML000000119350
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: Pentax House , South Hill Avenue , South Harrow, London, HA2 0DU
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