Who we are

We are a UK registered remittance company from where we have been providing money transfer services since 2007. We are regulated by the UK’s HMRC and the FCA and our registered head office is at: Pentax House, South Hill Avenue, South Harrow, London, HA2 0DU.

We provide money transfer services Internationally to, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, and other countries. We offer the whole ecosystem of digital remittance services to an ever-increasing network around the World. We provide our customers with the quickest, safest, easiest, and most cost-effective remittance services. You can rely on us!

Today, IME London has a global reach, thanks to our worldwide business partners present across the globe enabling swift delivery of remittance services from many countries and networks spanned worldwide.

IME London takes pride in creating happy customers all around the World through our services and we will continue to do so !

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Our Mission

Deliver superior value to our customers, stakeholders, employees and society at large.

Our Core Value

Excellence: The main aim of our company is to excel in everything we do. This is evident through our strong commitment to fulfil our promise towards the customers. We don’t just believe in meeting customer expectations, we believe in exceeding them.

Innovation: We nurture innovation by creating an atmosphere where ‘we-have-done-it-this way’ mentality is challenged and cross-fertilization of ideas is encouraged. At IME, we value healthy disrespect of the status quo.

Integrity: We are very much devoted towards professional integrity. Our belief lies in making our service ethical, fair and responsible thereby maintaining and enhancing workplace honesty and integrity.

Accountability: We at IME, value responsibility and public trust. We are accountable towards all our stakeholders: customers, employees, partners, regulators, media and the society. Good governance and transparency is the guiding principle behind every activity we do.

Teamwork: We value the spirit of camaraderie and believe the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. We foster diversity in workplace where each individual is allowed to explore the horizon of his or her expertise, knowledge and skill set in pursuit of business excellence


Meet our Board

Fast, Reliable and Secure Money Transfer Company.

Board Of Director - Kamal Paudel

Kamal Paudel

Board Of Director

Kamal is a serial entrepreneur who has been involved in numerous businesses in the UK and around the world. He is also a promoter and director of IME Global Holding Ltd UK, Manage Home Uk Ltd. He has also been involved in the banking, finance and insurance sector in Nepal and few of them are Global IME Bank, IME Life Insurance, IME Cooperative Services Ltd.
He started International Money Express (IME) Ltd Uk in 2002 and the company was acquired by NASDAQ listed company Ria Financial services in, 2015
He has also completed a master’s degree in Business Administration from Anglia Ruskin University UK.

Married and father of two children, lives as British Citizens, he clearly understands the needs of a family and the desire to support your family through remitting money home
Kamal says that the most important aspect of the digital remittance sector is:

"For our customers to feel like they can trust us to be responsible with their hard earned money, to remit it to their families back home, quickly and securely"

Board Of Director - Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Board Of Director

Dan is British and was born in the UK. He is an operations Management / Business Development Professional and has worked in these Industries since 2001 in the UK, USA, UAE, France, India, and Nepal. He is internationally experienced in working with people both one to one and in groups to develop their intra-personal and inter-personal skills in a wide variety of formats.

He is also an experienced Emotional Intelligence practitioner and an internationally qualified First Aid and Search & Rescue Trainer.

He has delivered training all over the World in the last 20 years to groups from diverse backgrounds, including: Corporate, Educational, Executives, Management, Political Youth, Military and Police.

Board Of Director - Hem Raj Dhakal

Hem Raj Dhakal

Board Of Director

Mr. Dhakal is a first generation serial entrepreneur. He co-founded the IME Conglomerate and played a pivotal role in institutionalizing the remittance business in Nepal. He had the vision to globalize the remittance services and expand the business in South Asia. This was in order to help the millions of migrants in the Middle East and Malaysia to send remittances home in the most efficient and cost effective way. This mechanism changed the dynamics of remittances in South Asia in general and Nepal in particular, where historically, it has been difficult to give financial access to all its citizens especially in areas outside the main cities.

Mr. Dhakal lived in Japan, Malaysia, the UK and the USA for more than two decades and established money service institutions in the countries including South Korea. He took the IME Conglomerate to the global marketplace and successfully completed the merger & acquisition of a few companies that are listed in the NASDAQ Fortune 500 Companies.

An alumnus of Harvard Business School (HBS), he has completed Owner/President Management Program (OPM) from HBS and is equipped with Masters in Business Studies from Tribhuvan University, He has also completed Entrepreneurial Master’s Program (EMP) from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA and one year London Business School Growth Forum Program from the UK. He is the Vice President and Spokesperson of Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI), President of Nepal Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Executive Committee Member of Nepal India Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NICCI). Mr. Dhakal has had the award of Suprabal Janasewashree (Third) conferred on him by the Government of Nepal for his outstanding contribution to the Nation’s pride and benefit of the Nepali citizens.

He is married to Anjali Aryal and has two daughters, Nimisha and Shaivee. He loves to read novels, scholarly articles and is a good tennis and golf player.

Board Of Director - Muna Paudel

Muna Paudel

Board of Director

Muna is a female entrepreneur, has also been involved in the banking, finance and insurance sector in the UK and Nepal, 2 decades of experience in the digital remittance sector, extensive experience in compliance and operational efficiency.

As Company Director of Subhida UK Ltd she understands the needs of our customer and why they want to remit money home to support their families

She has also completed a Bachelor's degree in Business Studies.

Married and Mother of two children, lives as British Citizens,

She firmly believes that:

“The key to a successful Business to Customer relationship is in having empathy and understanding why migrant workers feel such a sense of pride in being able to support their families back home.”

Board Of Director - Harshan

Harshan Kollara Sankarakutty

Non Executive Director

He holds a master’s degree in economics from the University of Bombay India. He has been associated with leading banking and financial Services Firms in India and US such as ICICI Bank, Federal bank in senior capacities including as Head of International Banking for ICICI bank, Regional Head for Correspondent Banking South Asia for union Bank of California, Executive Director of Federal bank Inda and Experian Credit Information Company of India private Ltd, before relocating to UK.

In UK he has been actively associated with Authorised and Regulated Firms in financial space over 10 Years, including founding, and managing an Authorised payment Institution, managing a Consumer Credit firm as Director and a MIFID firm engaged in Investment broking as Director. He is also associated with Association of Payment institutions since 2015 in various capacities and is currently the interim Chair of the Association of UK payments and Fintech companies. He was also associated with the “Financial Crime, Data and Security working group” of Payment Strategy Forum (of Payment Systems Regulator) in 2016/2017/. He also holds an “Authorised person” status from FCA (Ref: HSK01021) to hold Senior Management Functions (SMF) in FCA regulated firms.

He continues to be associated with leading Indian firms in Financial sector and serves as an Independent Director in Manappuram Finance Ltd and Asirvad Micro Finance both Regulated by the Reserve bank of India ( Indian central bank and Financial Regulator)

Global Network

With a global network and presence in many countries and locations, you can rely on us to transfer your money.

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